The LEO DUO designers conducting a fitting for a Victorian ensemble.

The LEO DUO designers conducting a fitting for a Victorian ensemble.

When you choose LEO DUO, you are choosing to pamper yourself with the ultimate custom design experience.  Not only are you getting a unique garment that exists nowhere else, you get to be personally involved in the design process! 

We pride ourselves on service, and going the extra mile (literally – we will come to you to do fittings).  What is the difference between buying off-the-rack, and working with LEO DUO?  Here are some of the highlights of what LEO DUO will do for you:

·         We have an initial design meeting with you, and listen to your needs and desires.  What is the nature of the event you will be attending?  Day or evening?  Indoors or outdoors?  Will you be standing/sitting/dancing?  We consider the variables to make sure your ensemble will be fabulous as well as functional.

·         We research your idea, and present you with a collection of curated images to inspire conversation, and guide the vision.  We will take your spark of imagination and turn it into a fire!

·         We present you with rough sketches (sometimes done right in front of you!) and modify them based on your input.

·         We create a color fashion rendering of the final design, so you may fully envision what the end product will be.

·         We source fabrics from LA to NY and bring you swatches to touch and examine, so that together we can choose the perfect fabrics for your project.

·         We take detailed measurements so the garment will be made for your individual proportions.

·         We develop a personalized, original pattern for your garment.

·         We conduct at least two fittings (which can be done in the comfort of your home) to ensure the proper fit.

·         We perform any needed alterations.

·         We carefully and artfully package and deliver your finished custom garment to you.