Something pleasantly surprising

Fabric sourcing trips have their highs and lows.  Sometimes you find exactly what you are searching for, and other times you spend the day wearing out your soles traipsing around looking for the fabric equivalent of the Holy Grail.

And then.  Then there are the rare moments when you glimpse a piece of fabric that stops you in your tracks.  That was today.

Genie fabric.jpg

Today we found a piece of fabric so lovely, so exquisite, so stunning, that we walked out of the store and down the block, then doubled back to snatch it up.  It is the last piece of a triple-dyed lavender imported hand-embroidered and beaded silk crepe chiffon.  Encrusted with gold sequins, seed beads, and gold-rimmed fuchsia jewels, we just could not bear to leave it in the shop.  Trust us when we say photos do not do it justice.

Although we were shopping for five different projects, and this is suitable for NONE of those, we think we know exactly what to do with it.  We will be dreaming tonight of what this gorgeous piece of fabric is destined to become.  Sweet dreams!