Monte Carlo: A Night at Les Caves

Jeannie Galioto of LEO DUO with Deni Jacobs at the MCASD Monte Carlo gala.

Jeannie Galioto of LEO DUO with Deni Jacobs at the MCASD Monte Carlo gala.

The weekend before last LEO DUO made a splash in “St. Tropez” as we attended the MCASD gala.  One of our favorite clients, Deni Jacobs (we LOVE her!), glittered all evening in a silk LEO DUO cocktail dress with a crystal and chain overtunic. 

We met up with Deni at the after-party.  Sitting on a white leather banquette, she looked radiant! 

When we were chatting with her near the dance floor, we couldn’t help but notice all the people who kept looking over and commenting on her dress.  (We overheard one admirer hug Deni and say "Most beautiful dress of the night!")  Many party-goers even took photos of it, particularly the back view.

Deni Les Caves hip detail.jpg

When we create each of our unique garments, we always have in mind the person wearing it and the event they will wear it to.  With this dress, we wanted to evoke the glamour of an evening in the South of France.  (And did you notice that the sunglasses handed out to all of the gala guests were the exact same shade of turquoise as Deni’s LEO DUO dress?  Guess we nailed that Mediterreanean Sea color!)  At each fitting, we labored to ensure the crystal tunic would be comfortable for sitting at the dining or gaming tables, and determined the ideal length of the crystal fringe that added sparkle and movement when she walked or hit the dance floor.

Deni is such a beautiful woman, inside and out, and we were thrilled to create this one-of-a-kind dress for her. 

(Now. What can we do for YOU?  We know you have a special event coming up...)