Halloween in July!

Forget Christmas in July - it is officially Halloween here at LEO DUO!

Although it is summer, and many people are still shopping for that elusive perfect swimsuit, our minds are already focused on the fall as we start to whip up creations for our clients and their Halloween fetes.

We sometimes start conceptualizing a costume for a client almost a year in advance.  Admit it: you have had that moment of inspiration on your way home from a fabulous party that makes you think “I know what I’m going to be next year!”  When inspiration strikes, call us!  We can work with you to turn those whispers of an idea into a fully-realized fantastical fashion that is truly one-of-a-kind.

And yes, while we prefer a few months of lead-time so that we can spend eons fussing over the details, we have been known to work miracles and pull a rabbit (or rather, a lion) out of our hat on shorter notice.

So let your imagination run wild…and then drop us a line.  You’ll be the smash of the smashing pumpkins season!