All Good in the Hood

One of the projects LEO DUO is working on at the moment is a Quinceanera dress for a fabulous (almost) fifteen year old.  She l-o-v-e-s fashion, and had several ideas that she brought to us at our initial design meeting.  Purple, sequins, full skirt...and a hood.  A hood?  On a dress?  (Outerwear, sure, but on a formal dress?)  Her mother, understandably, had some concerns about how it would look.  But in the end, we all agreed that it was the perfect touch for this accomplished athlete, something to keep her dress fresh and youthful and unique.

Of course, the conversation got our minds turning.  And that got us researching, just for the fun of it.  Turns out hooded dresses have had their moments in the sartorial sun, not just in the 1970s, or the 1960s, but in the 1940s!  Check out these images of vintage patterns, endorsed by the likes of Betty Grable and Maureen O'Hara.  And also check out the size info when listed.  Hard to believe that in 1971 a size 14 had a modest 36" bust and a very slim 27" waist.  And the size on that Betty Grable pattern from the 1940s?  A size 14 with a 32" bust!